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Simple 5 point On-Page SEO Checklist

On-page SEO is the process of optimising web pages to enhance their search engine visibility and increase organic traffic to the site.

The optimisation is a continuous operation, not a one-time event. It should, in reality, be maintained and improved over the site's lifespan. On-page SEO may refer to various items, including publishing high-quality, relevant content, optimising headlines, including images and HTML tags, and so on. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the web demonstrates authority, competence, and trustworthiness.

On-page SEO aids search engines in comprehending a website to ensure that the site and its content are relevant to a searcher's query. Search engines have become much better at recognising a user's search requirements and providing accurate search results with their various sophisticated algorithms. To remain on top of the search engine rankings, you must adapt to the ever-changing and ever-evolving search engine algorithms.

To help you with your own site, we have created a simple 5 On-page SEO principles to help you on your way.

Mobile friendly

According to Google, the user-friendly algorithm significantly affects Google rankings and affects mobile searches in all languages worldwide. This algorithm operates on a page-by-page basis; it isn't about how mobile-friendly the sites are, but rather whether you are. The algorithm is focused on factors like small font sizes, tap targets/links, readable text, and your point of view, among others.


The page title is often regarded as the most significant feature on the page. Titles are an excellent relevancy signal because they show search engines what the website is really about. Of course, the most critical keyword should be included in the title. Furthermore, each page should have a distinct title so that search engines can quickly determine which of the website pages is appropriate for a given query. Duplicate titles have a lower chance of ranking well. Furthermore, if your site has pages with duplicate names, other pages will find it challenging to rank.

Broken Links

Broken outgoing links will send a signal to search engines and users about the quality of your site. If a website has many broken links, it's safe to assume it hasn't been updated in a long time. As a consequence, the site's search engine rankings could suffer.

While 1-2 broken links would not result in a Google penalty, you should review your website regularly to resolve any broken links that you find to make sure their number does not rise. Furthermore, if you don't show your users broken links that lead to non-existent sites, they will like you more.

On-Page SEO fix and review broken links

There is nothing much more frustrating for your visitors than broken links. Make sure you review and fix it.

Meta Descriptions

While meta descriptions do not directly impact rankings, they are still relevant because they are what people see in search results. Therefore, it should "sell" the website to the searcher and entice them to visit it.

If the meta description is blank, search engines will decide what to include in the snippet. It'll almost always be the first sentence on the list. As a consequence, these snippets might be uninteresting and insignificant.

That's why you should compose meta descriptions for your website pages (at the very least the landing pages) and provide marketing text that will entice visitors to click.

on-page seo the use of meta description tags

Use the Meta description tag to entice potential customers to visit your website

Image Alt Tags

Though search engines are unable to read text from images, alt attributes (also known as "alternative attributes") assist them in determining what the images depict. The best practice is to include your keywords in the alt text for each image to help search engines better understand the quality of your pages and, ideally, rank your site higher in search results. The technical side of SEO is vital to your SEO strategy's success and ensuring that your site achieves high search engine rankings. Design Vista can conduct a technical audit of your website, which is a great way to learn about its current performance and flaws. Improving those areas will put your website on the road to higher rankings right away. Find out more about our SEO Agency and how we work here.

Further Reading

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