How To Get A Fabulous Shopify e-Commerce shop for £300

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A fixed price online store for £ 300 focused built on the popular Shopify eCommerce platform.

You may have heard of Shopify before, but Shopify is a full trading platform that allows you to start, develop and manage a business if you haven't. Build an online shop and customise it. Sell in various locations, including online, mobile, social media, internet markets, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up stores. Product management, inventory, fees, and delivery.

An online platform that allows you to start, grow and manage a business

We give a fixed rate of £ 300* to build a Shopify online shop to sell goods 24/7 365 days a year, as part of our initiative to support small businesses. 

We will handle you during the process as Shopify partners, and provide training where appropriate.

*Prices do not include Shopify Monthly subscription of $29 per month.

Overview of Shopify

Commerce platform

•Design, set up, and manage your store across multiple channels

•Powers over 800,000 businesses in 175 countries

•Trusted by brands such as Unilever, Kylie Cosmetics, Allbirds, and more

Why hosted eCommerce?

Benefits of hosted eCommerce


Easier to build with

Ready for optimisation

Simplified store maintenance

Why Shopify?


•Features that allow you to comply with GDPR are built-in.

•Give accountability and control of their data to your customers

•Customer data is protected as it crosses borders

Get started with a flexible solution.

•Resources to help you get started

•To expand the platform's features, there is the Shopify App Store

Sell everywhere

  • Online store
  • Buy Button
  • Retail
  • And more

Help with marketing

  • Blog
  • Search Engine Optimisation tools
  • Google Smart Shopping
  • Facebook Ads
  • Discounts
  • Virtual marketing assistant app
  • Marketing dashboard reports

Tools to manage your business

  • Orders and fulfilment
  • Shopify Shipping
  • Local app integrations
  • Payment methods
  • Shopify Payments
  • Third-party payment providers

Shopify Payment plans

  • Basic Shopify includes 24/7 support from Shopify, 2x staff accounts, 4x locations and more.
  • Shopify provides the same as 'Shopify basic' plus 5x staff accounts, 5x locations and professional reports.
  • Advanced Shopify delivers the same as 'Shopify' and includes 15x staff accounts, 8x locations and Third-party calculated shipping rates.

A full list of Shopify pricing plan features can be found here.

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