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OCD Car detailing Website

A new beautiful web design for a company of car fanatics detailing studio.

Responsive web design for OCD

Obsessed Car Detailing (OCD) offer the finest Detailing services from their purpose build Detailing Studio in Stoke Row, Nr Henley-on-Thames. They are avid car enthusiasts and firmly believe that you deserve the best when you drive the best. We were entrusted with a new website that displayed the outstanding quality of the company.

From phones and tablets to laptops and desktops, the WordPress website was designed to be easy to access and look nice across all user devices.
The new website's front page is simple in its' layout and elegant at the same time.

The front page of the OCD website

The front page of the new website is simple in its' layout and elegant at the same time

If you have read the 'about' sections of our website, you will know how passionate we are about photography. One thing that can make or break a website design is good imagery. Luckily, OCD had a large number of high-quality photographs, which helped in the creating of the resulting elegant web design.

A good picture is worth 1000 words. A portfolio on your website is a must to show your customers the services or products your business offers. In the case of OCD, which uses high-quality photography to hi-light the variety of vehicles they have worked on over the years.

The Gallery of photographs on the OCD website

Other significant factors in the success of a site are how SEO has been implemented and its speed. As with all our sites, we built-in sound SEO principles from the outset, and we carried out a full SEO technical audit before the website went live. We assisted our client by providing a fast hosting solution to ensure that the website was as fast as possible.

You can view the OCD Website here

We have been professionally building websites since 2014, helping small businesses maintain a presence on the internet.


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