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5 Awesome Photography Websites

I am very fortunate to do my job, working for my self as a web designer as it is a career that I love. As much as I enjoy my job, it is not is my passion.

What brings me most enjoyment is photography, for a short while I tried professional photography to earn some extra money while I started my web design business.

These websites inspire my photography; they also help the creative process when creating websites for my customers.

Neil Burnell

Neil Burnells Photography Website

Neil is a multi-award-winning photographer from Devon in the South-West of England. Most of his photos are around the Devon areas; I particularly like the Woodland (Mystical) and the coastal galleries (Chrome). Often long exposures have been used that result in a dreamlike feel to the photograph.
Neils website has an online store where photographic prints, books and workshops. I plan to go on one of his seminars once the current restrictions we are in are eased.

Neil Burnell Website

The National Geographic Magazine

The National Geographic Online Photography Magazine

No photography list is complete without mentioning the National Geographic Magazine. First published in 1888 National Geographic is the long-lived official monthly magazine of the National Geographic Society. It is one of the most widely read magazines of all time. Their website is the source for picturesphoto tips and more.

the National Geographic Photography Website

Lensculture Online Magazine

Lens Culture Photography Website

LensCulture is an online photography magazine about contemporary photography in art, media, politics, commerce and popular culture worldwide.

LensCulture sponsors international photography awards and grants several times per year and travelling exhibitions of photography. 

Lensculture Website

Charlie Waite

Charlie Waite Photographer Official Website

Charlie Waite is an English landscape photographer noted for his "painterly" approach to light and shade. He is known for his square format images using a 6x6 Hasselblad.
Charlie is also a well-known photography tutor and one of the founders of Light and Land photography workshops. I was fortunate to have Charlie as a tutor on a workshop in the Lake district his enthusiasm for landscape photography, and the way he can get his message across is inspiring.

Charlie Waite Website

I Shoot Shows

I shoot shows music photography website

Like a lot of people, I am missing live music shows. During the lockdown, I have found myself visiting music photography sites like this one a lot more than I would have normally done. Ishotshows is a site created and run by Todd Owyoung, an internationally published photographer. There are many high impact mucic photographs on the site. The website also has numerous gear reviews and tips on how to improve your photography.

I shoot shows website.

Being there Photography

My Amateur photography website

Ok, I know it is naughty, but I cheekily sneaked this one in. This web site is my own personal photography website. It was initially set up as part of my City and Guilds photography course. Now it is used to document recent travels around Europe and the United Kingdom. The website is also used as a testbed for my web design ideas. There is also an eCommerce shop where some of my photographs can be purchased.

Beingthere Website

I hope you find these photography websites inspiring if you have any other suggestions, please suggest them in the comments below.

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