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Searching; Be a little 'less evil'

'Don't be evil' formed part of a famous search engines motto until it was replaced several years ago.

We decided to champion sustainable web design to create fast, elegant, yet environmentally friendly web sites. From time to time, we like to share tips on creating a more ethical internet.

I'm sure you never thought that your search engine preferences might affect the planet.
Did you know that specific search engines function solely to promote social good?

Prepare to update your home page, and keep reading to learn about some engines that pledge more than "don't be evil." They promise to make the world a better place.

The following is a list of some of the Best Environmental Search Engines of 2021.

Ecosia is a tree-planting search engine! Ecosia, which was established in 2009, is arguably the most well-known and longest-running charitable search engine. Ecosia donates approximately 80% of its profits to tree planting programs, which grow trees and provide essential jobs to staff who plant trees in the world's most impoverished areas.

Ekoru is a humanitarian search engine that uses its income to clean up plastic in the oceans and reforest the ocean floor with seagrass. Ekoru is powered by Bing and donates 60% of its revenue to the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

Lilo.org is a charitable search engine based in France that was established in 2015 by two engineers. Lilo donates 50% of its profits to charities, the majority of which are based in France.
The waterdrop method, however, is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the search engine.
Every search gives its users a waterdrop, and each waterdrop can be assigned to a charity of your choosing to help support it.

Givero, which was established in 2018, is a charitable search engine based in Denmark that donates 50% of its profits to charity. These charities are made up of a small number of big, well-known international charities. Givero's search results, like those of many other charitable search engines, are provided by Microsoft Bing. 

This is just a small list of 3 ethical search engines; there are more out there, with others appearing all the time.

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