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Why choose Design Vista as an SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimisation

Affordable SEO Agency in Devon

Design Vista is regarded as being one of the Devons leading SEO agencies. We are an agency based in Devon. We specialise in working for small businesses in Devon and nationwide. Our team has vast experience across a wide range of sectors and industries. We intend to drive highly targeted and related traffic to our client's websites by significantly enhancing search engine exposure. We then look to increase conversions on certain websites to increase traffic, leading to further sales and inquiries.

SEO Agency Devon

The Design Vista approach

We don't take a one-dimensional approach to search marketing. At Design Vista, no two client tactics are alike. However, the concept is straightforward: we use a variety of data and expertise to have the best possible user experience on your website. All of this is built on a foundation of industry-leading onsite optimisation and data-driven analysis. Our clients can be assured that their results will last because we follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines and that every pound invested is an investment for the present and future. We have an analytical approach to our work. Our goals and plans are based on hard data, allowing us to build the most productive and effective campaigns possible. And our clients are involved in every phase of the process, with their long-term return on investment always being a priority.

What an average campaign looks like

Each search environment is dramatically different from the next, and each client has individual budgets and goals. As a result, no two campaigns are the same, and tactics will differ significantly. There is, however, a comprehensive model to which most campaigns conform to some extent:

Phase One

The first few months will be spent researching, strategising, organising, and optimising the website.

Stage 1: Consult with client

Design Vista will meet with the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company, including its products or services, target demographics, past or existing plans, future vision, current branding, and so on. We'll also do a thorough review of the web site's problems and the company's core marketing priorities for the coming year.

Stage 2: Competitor research

SEO is a well-understood science. This means that our team will examine any website to determine why it ranks higher – or lower – in the search engines than another site targeting the exact keywords. Design Vista will conduct industry-specific competitor analysis, discovering who currently occupies your target search environment and determining what they did to get there.

Stage 3: Consumer research

We study how the target customer searches for the client's goods or services online using the information obtained in the first two phases.

Stage 4: Website audit

We'll conduct a thorough website SEO audit to find problems and suggest an improvement.

Stage 5: Keyword research

Design Vista will compile a list of keywords based on the information gathered in the previous four phases and statistics such as traffic volume, search purpose, and relevancy to monitor campaign progress as one of several campaign KPIs. Find out more about keyword research.

SEO Keyword Research

Stage 6: Information architecture and user experience (UX) review

Using our in-house website design skills, Design Vista will examine the website's information architecture, conversion rates, and user experience (UX), and look for ways to improve it.

Stage 7: Onsite optimisation

Design Vista will be able to schedule and execute onsite optimisation based on the results of the first six phases, which may include (but is not limited to):

  • Implementation of new information architecture
  • Metadata optimisation
  • Internal anchor text optimisation
  • Alt tag optimisation
  • Canonical tags (checking, implementing or removing)
  • Sensible implementation of robots.txt
  • Implementation of 301 redirects
  • Correction of 404 errors
  • Sitemap optimisation
  • Correction of faulty front end code
  • Correction of other front end errors flagged up in Search Console, such as mobile compatibility issues or slow loading times
  • Creation and uploading of any additional SEO-specific code deemed necessary by the account manager

Stage 8: Removal of duplicate copy/content

Design Vista will remove any duplicate content from the site.


Stage 9: External backlink analysis

Design Vista can examine a client's backlink portfolio to detect link spam. When link spam is detected, it will be deleted or disavowed. Following the Penguin 4.0 update, Google now ignores any connection spam, removing any ranking factors it might have given but not penalising it. This is taken into consideration during the procedure.

Stage 10: Internal link analysis

We'll examine the website's internal linking structure to ensure that link juice is distributed evenly among priority pages and that low-priority pages aren't syphoning off too much.

Stage 11: Google business listing

Design Vista can help the customer with their Google My Business profile listing, ensuring that it is optimised and current.

Phase Two

After completing step one, Design Vista will concentrate the campaign on increasing the site's subject authority and domain authority, among other items. This is accomplished by combining link building/online PR, informative content design, structured data implementation (such as schema), and possibly some social media management.

Link building

Excellent connection building is a form of online PR that is also an important SEO strategy. Link building is a tactic that some agencies fail to get right, but it is one that Design Vista excels at.

Social media

Design Vista may recommend a small social campaign to support your search marketing strategy directly.

Structured data/schema markup

Throughout the website, Design Vista can use structured data and/or schema markup. As required, this will include review schema, local business schema, service schema, organised lists, same-as schema, commodity schema, breadcrumb schema, and more. Our clients will have the most excellent chance of appearing in rich answers/rich snippets due to this.

Content Silos

Websites also generate content that competes with other content internally. Design Vista will conduct a thorough analysis of the website's content infrastructure and make recommendations for content silos to boost the subject authority of key areas of the site.

Ongoing analytical review

Design Vista will keep a close eye on the success of your website. Because of our granular approach to data, we can detect subtle changes in searcher behaviour on your website and adjust the campaign as required.

Ongoing conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and UX optimisation

Design Vista can use Google Tag Manager and other types of event tracking and user-flow monitoring to improve a website's ability to turn visitors into inquiries/customers, based on our findings. At various stages of the purchasing cycle, we want to attract, funnel, and convert customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about our digital marketing services. Let us know what you're searching for if it has anything to do with search marketing.

Why you should choose Design Vista as your SEO Agency

In the world of search marketing, complacency is a dangerous thing. The algorithms that govern how search engines work are constantly changing and evolving, and agencies and practitioners may not keep up. Too many SEO agencies are set in their ways. Design Vista is different; we have an interest in search marketing. We believe this is the only way we can offer our clients' websites a real competitive advantage over their competitors. We take client collaboration and openness very seriously at Design Vista. We demystify SEO with clear, easy-to-understand explanations and empower clients with information and reporting. That is why we have earned a well-deserved reputation for quality.


Some of our SEO Agency Services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Website SEO Technical Audit
  • Local SEO
  • Link Buildinng
  • Ongoing SEO reviews


A source of excellent information is from Google and their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Starter Guide.

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