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SEO Competitor Analysis

What is SEO Competitor Analysis?

If you are planning a new online venture, or if you want to better where you are against your rivals in search results. Then you will need to do an SEO competitor analysis.  Your competitors or rivals can be a gold mine of data that can inform any aspect of your SEO strategy and help boost your website's traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, etc.

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When we carry out an SEO competitor analysis on behalf of your business, we can learn:

  • What are the keywords and key phrases that work and what's not going on in your sector? Most possibly, you already have an understanding of who your niche's significant players are. In search engine outcomes, we can also identify whether the rivals are using the same keywords.
  • Find competitors' weaknesses and capitalise on them.
  • Find the strengths of rivals and reproduce them. How well your competitors are doing in search results, and for which keywords your rivals rank high. We can then target those keywords to boost your search results for your own business.
  • Find some of the market niches that make your rival more distinctive and capitalise on that.

We will determine the keywords this site ranks for alongside such metrics as Number of Searches, anticipated Visits, Competition, Cost Per Click (if using Google AdWords) and Keyword Difficulty.

We can also keep track of your competitors' topical importance and what forms of content or media they make. Video length or word count and the depth of information covered may also be calculated. We can also check your rivals' presence on social media and even their profile for link building. All these programs support your own digital marketing strategy.

As well as web design, we offer SEO services including SEO competition analysis, SEO audits, keyword planning and more etc.

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