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SEO Keyword Research

Spending time on Keyword Research will pay significant dividends when it comes to improving traffic on your website. More traffic means more customers, more money in your pocket!

Choosing the right keywords will significantly increase the amount of traffic your website gets. The keyword that you have optimised your page may appear at the top of the google search. Still, if few people use that search term, your website will only receive a small amount of traffic from that term.

It will be more beneficial to use a more common search term to search for keyword study. 

An excellent place to start with keyword fishing is with the set of so-called seed keywords. These are the ones that describe your company or service in a broad sense. Think of how a customer would search Google for your goods or services.

Keywords that you are already ranking with. If you have an established website, it is worth finding out what keywords or key phrases you are already rating.

Research the keywords that your rivals are ranking on Search engines. Spying on competitors is often a clever idea, particularly when it comes to things like keywords. Looking at what the search term a rival ranks can help with your keyword choices. Study what your rivals are not ranked for, as this will offer other keyword opportunities for your company.

When selecting new keywords for SEO purposes, the search volume and the keyword rivalry are expected. Aim for high search volume and low competition keywords, the higher the competition takes more work to rank your page.


Keyword reseach diagram

When contucting Keyword Research compile a list of  potential keywords, work out which keywords are worth concentrating on taking into account search volume, competition and  keyword difficulty.

The longer your keyword is, the less competition there is, and on the contrary. According to Ahref's new long-tail keyword report, 80% of all search queries are 1-4 words long.

Keep checking for new keyword possibilities. The secret to success in assembling a dream team of keywords is to perform keyword analysis using multiple search methods. Google Ads Keyword Planner is a useful free resource for building powerful keyword lists. The tool allows you to search for keyword and ad group ideas, see how a list of keywords could fit, and even combine keyword lists to create new ones.

Optimise your website and its pages to include your keywords. When a search engine scans your website, it tries to decide which keywords your page should rank based on the keyword density. You mustn't have to overuse the terms you've learned when doing keyword research as you might be penalised and your search rankings might suffer. Make sure all names, meta tags and links are optimised for keywords. It is also possible to optimise a webpage for more than one keyword. 


Keyword analysis is selecting SEO keywords, deliberately choosing the keywords used on the website will increase site traffic, with more traffic coming from more users. Keyword research is important for optimising search traffic; it can also build an effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaign on Google's Adwords service.

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