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SEO Technical Audit Services in Devon

SEO Audit

The first step to take your business to new heights.

The first sensible move in any SEO campaign is to carefully examine the vital components of your website. We would then find any technical or quality problems that can affect your site's ability to rank where it should be in Google.

It doesn't matter how much you've spent on your website design, if it's £10 or £5000, if people don't visit your website all the hard work, time and money you've spent will count for little.

You need to know that people can visit your web page; this is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play. Ensuring that you follow good SEO practices will boost the way your web page appears in a google search.

An SEO audit is a method for testing a websites' search engine friendliness in certain main areas. With an SEO website analysis, you will discover what is potentially wrong and what needs to be changed. With it, you will make your website more accessible to Google and other search engines, resulting in more traffic and conversion.

The SEO website audit service provided by Peppard Creative will use various SEO resources, including data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console will:

  • Find Broken Links
  • Analyse page titles and meta descriptions, finding those that are too long, small, incomplete or duplicated on your website.
  • Identify large images and missing tags etc.
  • Analyse H1 and H2 heading usage.
  • Thin Content Review
  • Check page load times.
  • Find low pages with low content.
  • Rack tracker
  • Keyword Analysis

Core Web Vitals

Our technical audit will also measure the subset of Web Vitals that apply to all web pages across Google tools known as Core Web Vitals. Each of the 'Core Web Vitals' represents a unique aspect of the user experience, is field quantifiable, and reflects real-world experience with a vital user-centric consequence.

SEO Audit report summary image

Prices for an SEO Audit start at £150 for a small website (less than 200 pages)

The audit will provide you with realistic and actionable details that you can take to your website developer in the form of an overview (see diagram above) and a more detailed breakdown of any possible issues. If you don't have a web developer, Design Vista can also improve your site on your behalf.

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