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Use Google Alerts to Grow your Business

Google Alerts a powerful free website marketing tool

So what are Google Alerts?

According to Wikipedia Google alerts are;

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service offered by the Google search engine company. The service sends emails to the user when they find new results—such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research—that match the user's search term (s).

It can be used via the internet to help you monitor who is talking about your company or organisation. This will then enable you to engage your clients and reviewers quickly as well. The notification service tracks your company or brand-related mentions. It may potentially unveil opportunities for link building, brand building, partnerships, and more. It is also a device that is well-suited for newbies.

You can set up Google Alerts here, they can be used to monitor anything. Fortunately, you can also set the frequency of alerts so that notifications do not bombard you.

A search term you want to track will need to be set up. A results preview will be shown by Google Alerts as you type. Options will allow you to choose the frequency of notifications and the source of alerts, such as blogs, news, web, and if you are unsure it can be set to automatic, such as language and region, may also be selected. Further refinements can be made to choose "all results" or "only the best results" to select "create alert" when all options have been set up.

What things should be Monitored

Monitor your competitors

Check what your rivals do to unveil marketing strategies that you can use in your company. 

Perhaps they do a lot of guest posting, promote their content heavily, or even buy links! We always advise against buying links as your search rankings can be adversely affected by this. Our SEO services include competitor analysis to help find new possibilities that your competitors cannot use and target existing ones.

Guest post opportunities

Identify blogs that share topics that align with your company and link back to your site by pitching an article on them. Bear in mind that there are often people who pitch for guest articles on these sites. We seem to have individuals contacting us about writing a guest post every day. Most of the ideas we get, unfortunately, are poorly conceived and not that original.

Monitor questions in your niche

Answering questions relating to the industry can help to establish yourself as an expert in your field. This, in turn, helps to build confidence among potential clients. Try answering questions on a forum such as Quora.com, as well as using Alerts.

what are your competitors are publishing

Most companies, including your competitors, will publish fresh blog content regularly. That has the advantage of creating interest in the brand and improving search engine rankings.

Keeping an eye on what the competition puts out there can help you discover new blog topic ideas and identify unique blog ideas for your company.

What Problems are there using Google Alerts?

Google Alerts cannot track all data areas, i.e. social media such as Facebook, and you'll see: by tracking social media:

  • Quick reviews and first impressions of your products
  • Questions and comments from people needing your help
  • Honest, immediate thoughts from your customers

And these days, updates to social media are usually the first source of news. 

Also, not all notifications are accurate, and valuable information appears to be missing from notifications at times.

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