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Web Design Refresh for Blenheim Films

Even the slightest improvements in the design of a website can have a huge effect on its overall appearance.

Blenheim Films is an award-winning UK-based independent film and television studio. Specialising in the creation of thought-provoking television shows and feature films to encourage change.  They've been producing stories sustainably for over 20 years.  They strive to entertain, inform and leave a lasting positive impression and legacy.

Our latest web site design refresh for Blenheim movies. Our brief was to create a more enjoyable and funky site than the current site. We had previously made the old site several years ago, and the latest design should retain the original site's layout. By changing the font and colour scheme and adding some beautiful artwork, we created a brand new website without changing the current structure.

Before the web design refresh

Before: Blenheim films site before refresh

After web design refresh for Blenheim Films

After: Blenheim films site before refresh

Some closer up images show the latest font faces and the fantastic line art created by the owner's daughter. A careful collection of fonts and colour scheme has made a new site that the owner is delighted by its unique look and feel.

Website refresh close up image
Icons and fonts give website a unique look and feel

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